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Approval Letter/Email Template

Need budget approval? Use the template below to help customize a request letter or email for approval to attend the Social Brand Forum 2015 in Iowa City, Iowa. Feel free to customize it to meet your specific needs.


As we’ve discussed, taking our social media and digital marketing to the next level is critical for our success. [ADD SOMETHING SPECIFIC ABOUT A KEY PROJECT OR INITIATIVE]

The Social Brand Forum in Iowa City, Iowa on October 15-16, 2015 can help us do just that. Quickly becoming one of the nation’s premier digital marketing events, the Social Brand Forum is designed to help marketers at organizations large and small build better brands online through digital content, conversations, and community.

Here are the facts:

– It’s held in the heart of the heartland — Downtown Iowa City, Iowa
– Each year the event draws the best and brightest digital marketing thought leaders like Jay Baer, Ann Handley, Chris Brogan, Jason Falls, John Jantsch, Gini Dietrich, Marcus Sheridan, Laura Fitton, and more.
– Each year they’ve sold the event out and each subsequent year they’ve carefully grown the event while maintaining that ideal size that allows attendees to make connections, start conversations, and build a sense of community with both our speakers and fellow attendees.

I know that this event will help us meet our needs in an environment that helps me connect with industry thought leaders and learn about the latest trends, tools, and technology.

The best part? I can attend one of the best digital marketing events for a fraction of the cost of other comparable events. While most digital marketing conference cost over $1,000 for registration alone, here are the hard costs of attending the Forum.

Here’s the cost break down:

– VIP registration: $375–$575 OR
– Full registration: $275–$475 OR
– Basic registration: $145–$245 OR
– Conference hotel rates: $139-$169 per night

What’s great about the [ACCESS LEVEL] is that you get [INSERT FEATURES FROM WEBSITE HERE].

One thing to note. While this is an amazing event at an incredible cost, those registration ranges are because their are rate increases on April 1st and August 1st. The earlier we register, the better price we get. With your permission I’d like to secure our reservation to this event before it sells out. Please reply as soon as possible with your decision.

Thank you for considering this,


P.S. There’s a quick video overview here:

#SOCIALBRAND16Save the Date: September 22-23


For more information including sponsorship opportunities please contact
Nick Westergaard | phone: 319-325-0921 | email: nick@westergaard.com